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“Meditation Creates Community”

The funds of our foundation, which we transfer to Ukrainians who suffered from Russian military aggression, are a sincere gift from members and meditators of the community from all over the world. Today we see how great opportunities can be found in even the worst crisis. When the war had just begun and Russian troops began to destroy our cities and take the lives of our fellow citizens, many members of our community felt the need to practically manifest the compassion that the practice of meditation cultivates in every person. This is the best way how we can share the fruits of meditation – see the Divine Presence, Christ, in everyone.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the many people in our community who donate their funds to us, we are able to provide assistance to those who are in dire need of it. In this section, we publish the names of people and community centers to whom we are eternally grateful for their help.

(* Photo: WCCM National Coordinators Conference 2016)

Thank you for supporting Ukraine!

God bless you!

WCCM HongKong (Vivian Lee),
WCCM Philippines (Milagros G Santi, JM Rubueno),
AMeCo Associatione per la Meditation di Consaperolezza,
WCCM USA (Gene Bebeau),
Malwina Okrzesik / Polish WCCM community,
Cirsten Verleger, Travis Zinn, Josephine von Zitzewitz, Sevket Kilinc, Edwin Jimenez, Mairead Demel, Sascha Peard, Kevin McLatchy, Maximo Crisanti, Vivian Lee, Fiona a Barnes, Dominee Maurer, Linda a Schmalstieg, Karsten Steil, Patricia Brennan, Marie Louise Schmidt, Daphne Radenhurst, Maria Maciata, Noel Keating, Elizabeth Sarah Whitmore, Kathleen Greenough, MBT Yoga, Mary T Meagher, Nancy Edwards, Claudia Nielsen, William Hobbs, Matthew Reeves, Richard Broughton, Elaine Kim, Judi Taylor, Noreen O’Brien, Conchita Taylor…

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