Fund for Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees

Humanitarian project of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM)

The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) – is an international ecumenical Christian community that has been teaching meditation for over 40 years, inspired by the tradition of early Christian desert hermits and the spirituality of the Benedictine monastic tradition. The community is a large contemplative family consisting of national centers and meditation groups in more than a hundred countries. The community also promotes unity between Christian denominations and dialogue between the world’s spiritual traditions in the spirit of contemplation. We inspire people to practice daily meditation and try to help them on this way, knowing that the power of this experience can change the human heart and the world.

The symbol of WCCM is an ancient image of two birds on a bowl looking in inner and outher direction. This image symbolizes the union of contemplative and active life. The work of our charitable foundation is the fruit and active part of the meditation practice of community members from all over the world who sincerely seek to help Ukrainians during the war. By helping everyone in need, we talk about the wisdom of contemplation in the language of practical compassion, and we learn to see in each person God’s Presence — Christ Himself.

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Message from the founders of the fund

Dear friends, we appeal to our international community (WCCM) and our donors, to all Ukrainians who have suffered from Russian military aggression, as well as to people of good will around the world. We, members of the International Community of Christian Meditation, have been practicing and teaching meditation in Ukraine for many years.

Our country has been relentlessly attacked by Russia, our cities are being destroyed and our fellow citizens are dying and losing their homes. The practice of meditation and the tradition of our community have taught us the importance of being fully present in the moment of reality and accepting the challenges of the moment in which we live. And now, during this terrible war, we decided to create a charitable relief fund that will transfer funds donated by meditators of our community from all over the world to needy Ukrainians.

We want to thank all the donors who made the idea of our foundation a reality with their donations. Today we use this help to help those in need with the simplest things – food, hygiene products. In the near future, we also plan to launch several charitable projects that will help all of us learn to cope with the trauma and stress of wartime, using the wisdom of meditation and a contemplative lifestyle.

Our foundation is called “Listen”. Saint Benedict, the patron of Europe, the teacher of our community and the founder of Western monasticism, which can be considered the cradle of the modern culture of humanism and charity, opened with this word his teachings to the first monastic disciples. Listen… It is a reminder of what we do during meditation and should do in our lives when our daily meditation time is over. We listen to other people, listen to their needs – listen to the silent voice of God living in each of us.

“Listen”. The work of our foundation is the active side of our daily meditation. We hope that this work will make our society more empathic – more open for people to learn to listen to each other.

Maria & Albert Zakharovy (Founders of fund “Listen”, WCCM national coordinators)

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