International WCCM online-meditative session 
“Treasure hidden in the field”

Dear friends, we want to invite all of you to our International WCCM online-meditative session “Treasure hidden in the field”. We want to hold these meetings twice a month as long as the war continues. We will be grateful for the support and co-presence of every guest from the worldwide community.

Today, war has come into our lives – a real, furious, terrible, deceitful, deadly. And our field of everyday’s life today is this war, which has become a form of reality simultaneously demonstrating the worst illusions of human consciousness and uproots us from our own illusions. It is also a lesson that illusions are the root of sin – as Alan Watts said “sin, not in a superficial sense, but in the true meaning of the Greek word “hamartia”, translated as “fault”, “illusion”. But, as contemplators and meditators, we remember that an invincible light is always hidden in the depths of darkness. And in the depths of our field of life, no matter how terrible it may look today, the Kingdom is still hidden – the Divine Presence, and our experience of presence in the moment of Reality.

We continue to meditate in the morning and in the evening so as not to lose the connection with inner peace and unity, because people who brought the war in Ukraine had lost this connection. And we hope that our stability in this practice will help us “came to ourselves” – both victims and aggressors.


Meetings are held on Saturdays, once every 4 weeks. If you want to take part in these meetings – register as a participant and follow the announcements.

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The team of the WCCM-Ukraine center
Maria & Albert Zakharovy

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