“Hospitality as an adventure of Divine Love”

WCCM.ORG WCCM.COM.UA Blog “Hospitality as an adventure of Divine Love” Maria Zakharova, Albert Zakharov (Talk for WCCM LatinAmerican Oblate Retreat 2022) Probably, we all know well what hospitality means and that it is an important spiritual value. And instead of once again talking about the literal meaning of this quality, we will tell you a few […]

International online-meetings “Treasure hidden in the field”

WCCM.ORG WCCM.COM.UA Blog International WCCM online-meditative session “Treasure hidden in the field” Dear friends, we want to invite all of you to our International WCCM online-meditative session “Treasure hidden in the field”. We want to hold these meetings twice a month as long as the war continues. We will be grateful for the support and co-presence […]

“LISTEN”: Meditate and Work to Create an Empathy Society

WCCM.ORG WCCM.COM.UA Blog “LISTEN”: Meditate and Work to Create an Empathy Society Now, in the time of war in Ukraine, our local WCCM community decides to create the project for the helping the refugees. We have very many people here who escaped to Western part of Ukraine from war. We’re trying to help them with […]